To ignite a spark.


MAAC Studios amplifies efforts of People– Nonprofits– Small Businesses– Institutions– who have a desire to give and contribute to the world.

You will be in good company.

“Miguel is an outstanding designer with high creative standards and the know-how to achieve success on any size project. His attention to detail and customer-first communication skills make him an invaluable member of any team." Melinda Keckler, Director of Marketing

“Miguel is incredibly good at what he does. We’ve had the opportunity to work on a few projects and I have been impressed by the quality of work and his client-centered approach. Miguel will continue to be a strong partner of the ACLU. Thank you for your work, Miguel!” Leo Morales, Executive Director

“Our team enjoyed working with Miguel. He’s a creative individual that provides quality work. Hoping to work with him in the future.” Chad Connally, Creative Director

“Miguel is a talented individual with great communication skills and attention to detail. He is patient, kind and has a unique creative style. As a high-volume print shop, it’s refreshing to work with a designer who genuinely cares about his clients and respects the process on our end. Thanks Miguel!” Faith Byers, Account Manager  


A rush of adrenaline when competing. The uncontrollable urge to jump out of bed when an idea takes over your brain. When it just clicks.


MAAC Studios meets you where you’re at. We take the next right step towards realizing your vision.

Brand Consultations: Imagine you had your favorite celebrity or athlete as a life coach, constantly motivating you and steering you in the right direction. That would be pretty cool, right! We might not be celebrities but MAAC Studios will be your business’s best friend when it comes to its image and public perception.

Identity Design Services: Sometimes who you are now holds you back from who you could be, the same goes for your business. Whether it’s a little tweak to your image or a complete overhaul, we can help. Logo design, print/stationary materials, digital ads and an online presence encompasses a business’s identity and can be the difference between exceeding your mission or falling short.
MAAC Studios LLC
As my brother would say ¡orale! (get moving). It’s just a matter of taking that first step.

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